During the construction stage, opportunities exist for contractors, service providers and suppliers that will have a direct benefit for the local economy.


ARPHL aim to maximise the use of local engineering companies and their resources for the site construction works, including the civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation contractors.


The overall benefit for the local community will come because of improving the long-term viability of African Refinery as a major employer in Rivers State and Nigeria. African Refinery will employ over 1500 full time employees and approximately almost 900 contract employees.


During major planned maintenance ‘turnarounds’, the numbers to be employed at the refinery can be boosted by a further 2,500+ people. In addition, the refinery supports a long-established apprenticeship and graduate scheme, covering disciplines such as process operations, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical maintenance, and chemical and process engineering.



African Refinery will purchase services from over 600 companies, many of them in Nigeria. 

Why Love ARPHL Project

The goal of this project was to produce petroleum products with higher added value through the refining of locally produced heavy crude oil for supplying the domestic market. 


The scope of the consortium was EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and commissioning, in addition to off taking the products, and even cooperating in taking out a non-recourse loan to finance the project, which at the time was a revolutionary idea.

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