African Refinery
Port Harcourt Limited

The Project

The development of a 100,000bpsd Deep Conversion Greenfield Refinery Plant, is conceived to be delivered as a privately funded Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) development. The Project Company – African Refinery Port Harcourt Limited, has been incorporated as the legal entity that owns the refinery asset on completion and will be responsible for all…………

About Us

African Refinery Port Harcourt Limited (“ARPHL”) is the special purpose vehicle incorporated for the specific purpose of collocating a 100,000BPD  crude oil refinery in Nigeria.In line with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on 16 February 2016 advertised a Request for Proposal in all major newspaper…………….

Configuration Overview

The project will be implemented in different phases:

  • Phase 1 Hydro-skimming refinery producing Gasoline and Diesel Naphtha Isomerization and H2 Plant. Gasoline and Diesel will meet Euro V specifications
  • Phase 2 Future Addition FEED of Residue FCC complex, including